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"Ari did an absolutely amazing job for our wedding. She was just what we were looking for. We are not religious and wanted to have an alternative wedding that was built around "us". She met with us, made suggestions and gave us samples of ceremonies that we used to piece together our very own ceremony. She did a beautiful job during the ceremony and I can't thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant. I don't think it gets any better then having Rev. Ari officiate your wedding."

Stacy & Miles


"My husband and I do not follow any kind of traditional religion and did not plan on having a traditional wedding ceremony. We went to visit Rev. Ari with the thought that we really didn't want anything too ritualistic or involved for the ceremony, just something quick and simple so we could get on to the fun part, but she quickly changed our minds about that idea.

"She explained how materialism is overtaking symbolism when it came to marriage and told us that most couples don't remember much of their weddings while caught in the whirlwind of stress and expectation. She said that what couples remember best are the ritualistic moments, such as putting on the rings and saying the vows, and convinced us that they would be an important part of our day. I'm glad she won us over.

"Rev. Ari then impressed us with her vast knowledge of many different wedding rituals, both modern and historical, practiced by cultures from all parts of the world. We chose three that we felt meant the most to us. For the weeks following our initial meeting, she continued to answer our questions about what we would need for the ceremony and helped us put together our vows.

"After the ceremony, our friends and family kept commenting on how beautiful and unique it was. Some even asked for a copy of our vows! When I look back on it, I feel like our ceremony was a true and personalized expression of who we are, and those who were there to witness it felt the same."

Lorin & Brian


"I highly recommend Rev. Ari's services. She was a godsend for a completely lost bride (that would be me, lol). The service was so personal and touching that the groom got choked up and the bride (that would be me again) provided a few laughs for the onlookers. But really, Rev. Ari has the best sense of the individuals that she helps and this sense did not go unnoticed by anyone attending. Thank you Rev. Ari, you will never be forgotten!"

Barbara & Danny


"Neither my husband or myself are very religious. We don't go to church and we didn't want a judge to perform our wedding. I realized, quickly, that finding someone to perform our ceremony wasn't going to be as simple as I had once thought. I heard a lot of religious force feeding in my search.

"Ariana was great! She sent us suggestions, and then when we decided to write our own vows she was our pointman to make sure they matched up in length and content. We ended up writing our own ceremony, stealing bits and pieces from stuff all over the internet and things sent to us by her. We ended up with a ceremony that was perfectly fitting for us. She helped us make it flow and had suggestions towards the end.

"She had wonderful ideas I never would have thought of which we incorporated into our wedding like the hand fasting which we now treasure. She made us feel perfectly at ease and I was incredibly glad to have her be a part of our ceremony."

Michelle & Justin


"Rev. Gray was AWESOME! She helped make our ceremony unique and gave us the freedom to make our ceremony fit 'us'. She was always a phone call away and helped us in every way she could. She was invaluable on our wedding day. Would HIGHLY recommend!"


"Reverend Arianna Gray is an amazing and intelligent woman who cares GREATLY about her clients wants and needs. Her wealth of knowledge about cultures, traditions and religions are at the disposal of her clients. I've not seen anyone take on a couple and care so much about their background as her. She is truly wonderful and if you meet with her just once, you'll see exactly what I mean. I wish all my brides would use her!"

Wendy Kidd, Each & Every Detail


"Rev. Ari is fantastic! She is a hip minister and very in the know about how to incorporate traditions into your ceremony with a modern twist. She is extremely personable and charismatic and will keep your guests interested in your ceremony."

Andrea Porter, Circle Park Bridal


"With over a decade in the wedding business, I've had the pleasure of working with vendors of all kinds. There are a very few who genuinely care about their brides. Ari is at the very top of that list and is quite literally the only Minister whose service I refer. She is far from generic or 'cookie cutter'. I cannot stop saying wonderful things about Ari."

Cameron M. Fox / Entertainment Specialist / All Star Productions


"Rev. Ari was indispensable during my wedding. We met before the ceremony to go over every detail of the wedding day. I was immediately drawn to her engaging personality and a sincere enthusiasm about her work. She ran the wedding rehearsal beautifully. And on the wedding day itself, she worked tirelessly to ensure everything would be perfect. Though I had a lot of family helping, without her help no one would have kept on schedule or even remembered their task! I had no worries...everything was being taken care of as if I had done the work myself. I would be more than happy to recommend her services to anyone wanting to plan a wedding. She made my wedding day!"

Stephanie and Buzz

Note: I was the Wedding Day Coordinator for Stephanie and Buzz's wedding.


"We found Rev Ari by sheer luck. It didn't take long for us to see that she was perfect for our ceremony. She was accepting, understanding and respectful for who we were as individuals and what this represented in our relationship. We could not have been in safer hands and we have made a life-long connection to this wonderful person who joined us together."

Will and Andrew


"Rev. Ari, the wedding turned out perfect! Thanks so much for all of your hard work with the rehearsal and the wedding, not to mention controlling the stress. People kept coming up to us at the reception asking where we got the vows! Well done. Aaron and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you brought to our wedding."

Brian and Aaron


"Kama and I wish to thank you so much for all your assistance with the ceremony and the day of the wedding. It was a life-changing experience, and we are so happy...Thank you for being such a great part of our wedding..."

Mae and Kama


"Hi Rev,
We just wanted to tell you how special you made our wedding day. Also, attached are some photos of the wedding. Once again, thank you so much!"

Becky and Aurora


"I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how pleased Claude and I were with the ceremony. You did a wonderful job and if you ever need a reference in the future, I would be happy to give you one."

Shelley and Claude


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